Why Broadcast Spotlight?

English is truly a global language. Today, around the world, one billion people are learning English. Your station already reaches this growing audience. Spotlight can help you meet their need for English practice with quality English programming. Spotlight can also bring new listeners to your station, and to your other programs. Want to learn more about using Spotlight on your radio station? Click here to learn more about getting Spotlight.

“We think Spotlight has helped in increasing our audience... After listening to this program, they continued to stay tuned... and so they have been regular listeners of other programs.”

Albanian broadcaster, Radio 7
Broadcaster Story

In Ecuador, radio station HCJB began using Spotlight in 1999. Very quickly, they saw the value for their listeners. Today, Spotlight plays on their FM and medium-wave broadcasts. But HCJB does not stop with the broadcasts. They stay in contact with 5,000 listeners through a very popular weekly e-mail. Spotlight has opened a whole new audience for HCJB!

“You have been my encouragement to speak, to write and to hear. I listen to your program every day, your reports are beautiful and teach us to be a good person, to share many things with people and to love God.”

Patricio, a listener from Ecuador

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