Word List: English Expressions

These are some of the expressions we have used and explained in our programs.

words that people use in their own every day language. They are not official words. People who speak the same language but live in different countries may not understand each other's slang.
Living the good life
living without problems, being happy, and having everything that you need.
Road rage
the anger many people feel today when they drive in their cars. This anger is often caused by other people who drive badly, or by too much traffic. Some people get out of their cars and fight in the street.
Daily bread
anything that a person needs every day to survive.
His days are numbered
a person only has a particular number of days to live before he dies or before something bad happens to him.
Doubting Thomas
a person who is never sure that the things people tell him are true. Thomas was a follower of Jesus who could not believe that Jesus was alive, even though all his friends said it was true.
Blind leading the blind
a situation where one person teaches another but does not know any more than the person he teaches.
Prodigal son
a person who takes money from his friends or family and wastes it on bad things. In the original story, the son returns to his family and asks them to forgive him.
The Eleventh Hour
the time immediately before something important (and often bad) happens.